Kobakant + Clemens Pichler (DE)

Kobakant/Mika Satomi + Clemens Pichler


DJ Hoodie is a wearable interface that includes 4 channel zipper switch, fabric buttons with LED indicators and fabric pressure sensors. Two of these hoodies are connected with knitted stretch sensors on the hoods. It interfaces with computer with arduino using Firmata library and Pduino.
It appeared in the performance “Cassette DJ Hoodie Battle” by Mika and Clemens Pichler at STWST, Linz, Austria as a part of LABOR FÜR ELEKTROAKUSTISCHE MUSIK UND NEUE MEDIEN LINZ event.
In this performance, two performers, wearing the DJ hoodies are spontaneously sampling sound from cassette players and applying filters. Each Hoodie controls sample channel and choice of filters on PD patch. The knitted stretch sensor connecting the two hoodies modifies a parameter of the applied filter as performers move their heads.


musician / composer / programmer / concept developer / curator
is a sound artist & composer based in Berlin/DE and Linz/AT. He started his musical studies as a child in the field of jazz, playing guitar and bass. Becoming a fully trained bass-player he played in several projects in Austria and Germany.
In order to finance his studies in philosophy at the University of Vienna/Austria he worked for film
productions and so it happened – somehow incidentally – that he began to work as a composer for
moving images.

While he produced several soundtracks and 7 long-player with different projects until 2009 his interest in experimental and conceptual music began to grow. 2009 he conceived, organized and curated
“Radiospotting” – an international exhibition for sound art in public space. Through 13 short-ranged
radio stations the visitors were able to listen to the works best on bike equiped with a portable radio.

Together with Enrique Tomás he founded a laptop-orchestra playing Cornelius Cardews “Treatise” in
2011. Enrique and Clemens began to support the local scene for experimental music and started to
book artists for the „soundscapes“ series in Linz. During the “Ars Electronica” Festival they organized and produced “Sonorous Horreum” – a multichannel exhibition.
In 2012 he moved to Berlin but still has strong links to Austria. After compositions for “Clockwork
Orange”,“Heiße Sohlen” and “Magic Afternoon” his fourth theatre play at the Landesthater Linz is on
its way.

Since 2010 he is working on his own experimental musical instruments. PD as the chosen software
becomes his everyday tool. So it came to the collaboration with Mika Satomi and their first “DJ
Hoodie” performance was presented in 2010.
After 4 years the project was reanimated and will have its premiere in Borås.


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